Thursday, July 15, 2010

You know you've been to KYUEM when

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You know you go/went/been to KYUEM if/when...

1. Everyone knows who you are [either by face or by name]

2. Even if your a private student, your still a kiasu

3. Malaysian Studies is the only time you get to hangout and chat with your friends/ or study in some casses.

4. You fall asleep during islamic studies

5. You never do work in ICT and still passes with an A

6. Someone ask you what college do you go to?" you don't say 'Kolej Yayasan UEM', you just say 'KYUEM', completely assuming the other person knows.

7. Mr.Ravi is the coolest teacher ever, and you LOVE his indian accent

8. Your never ever in a confort zone for studies, and your always playing the catch up game.

9. You delay your PS until the very end.

10. the pathway turned into a dating place

11. You have something to say about the 'wheel-chair guy' in the rc

12. You get yelled at for doing something you didn't know was wrong.

13. There is always this something that relates to usa and everybody would right away use that oppurtunity and pick on the americans, and teachers would join too!

14. You've heard of every scandal, prank or controversy and have an opinion about it.

15. You have that one person in your class thats always sarcastic.

16. Everybody is crazy about soccer, even the headmaster [ err i meant football]

17. School lunch is always rice, and the dinner is almost always rice.

18. Wednesday is western night/dinner

19. You play sports the first 2 sem, and you quit everything in the 3rd so you can study more

20. There’s that one person in all of your classes that always needs a pen/paper/ruler/highlighter/pencil.

21. You mess up the first two semester exams, and you try to get 100 for trials.

22. You finished all the pastyears more than once

23. You act like you failed the exam, when you really ace'd it

24. you still feel you had more fun participating in CP rather than bangsawan

25. Everybody owes the cafe money

26. you skip classes/school so you can study in your apt/chalet

27. Eventhough there is 10-20 bicycles, only a good 5 of them are working.

28. Mr.Ravi is practically your homeboy

30. You hear a new school event every other day.

31. You've dodged a security guard more than once

32. You ordered burgers atleast once a week from 'abang hafiz'

33. You know who Pn.Kas is, and you love her.

34. You swear the junior reminds you of yourself when you were a junior.

35. Batch 11 made KYUEM HISTORY..[but still every batch have their own impact on KYUEM ]

36. You dont hang out with one specific "clique"

37. You've smoked behind the apartments/chalet, and the security guards are too stupid to catch you

38. You've sat on the couch outside of the office

39. You always wonder why every chalet have that islamic sign/symbol thing on the front door

40. and evryone tell you about a so called kid that got possess, and that symbol is there to prevent ghost..

41. You've sat in the rc until 10:00 because you didnt wanna go to class

42. You can get to your class in a minute and a half, no matter where you are or where it is, but you're always late anyway.

43. You complain about how hard chemistry/further math class is, but you passed it.

44. despite everything, KYUEM have the best hari raya celebration and semester dinner.

45. Mrs Foord is one of a kind.

46. Everyone knows who's going out with who, if they're both in the school

47. There's never a substitute teacher, unfortunately..

48. And if there is a substitute, you know that they all would give you work to do

49. Something dramatic is always happening to someone.

50. You prank call teachers and students at night just for the laughs

51. the cafe is the main hangout area [and if its crowded, you'll go to the hallway as backup]

52. there's no such thing as fast internet.

53. The water is sometimes always dirty

54. You get bored in class and start daydreaming

55. Its always f-u-n-n-y when you see pnrog yelling at other students.

56. you try to avoid pnrog cuz she would get you introuble for anything lol

57. Every Year there's this group of british students who comes visit our school, and steal all the attention.

58. You have that one class that you hate and refuse to go to on time [or at all].

59. You'd get bash during your birthdays [unless your birthday is during the holidays]

60. Teachers always have a personal story that somehow relates to their subject.

61. And all the teachers have a warm touchy story that somehow explains how they ended up here. [which i think its a total cover up for something!]

62. You feel like burning that stupid A-level World Class board on the highway everytime you see it

63. You see monkeys all the time


65. And you even see snakes crossing the pathways sometimes.

66. There is a golf course right next to the school, but nobody cares

67. For those thats in kickboxing, you get bored after awhile and decided to quit.

68. the highest belt you ever got was the damn yellow belt, and after that, things became more boring.

68. You get pissed when you hear mr.sudderland talk, cuz he talks so low and smooth, and it gets so annoying.

69. You can talk to Ms Rena about anything and evrything.

70. You start making lame-ass jokes

71. You have rap battles on facebook

72. You're so used to a six-by-ten living space that your room at home seems like a luxury suite.

73. You've experienced the the cafe lady's erratic mood swings..

74. You don't get to watch tv after 12p.m because of 'college policy'

75. Average girls you wouldn't pay attention to outside college become hot after 2 years...

76. You wonder what the hell the shed (after the swimming pool) across the apartment is for.

77. You refer to formal wear (shirt , tie and pants) you call it acad wear

78. You have gotten a fake mc from the matron

79. And photocopy it a dozen times for future usage.

80. Your idea of a night out is a trip to tg.malim

81. You know that "Professor X" works in the library.

82. Your idea of a fun weekend is playing 'plants vs
zombies' in p-26

83. I see my parents' account

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